Inventory Management

Before you can effectively manage and protect endpoints, you first need an accurate picture of the environment. What software and devices are being used, who is using them, how much do they cost, and do they have the latest patches and updates?

Symantec Client Management Suite discovers, inventories, and tracks all the hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure and manages the relationships between them in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Armed with this information, your team can quickly identify problems, apply solutions, and document compliance.

You can also uncover savings opportunities through at-a-glance detailed reports that track software that are installed and used. This visibility makes it possible to identify unused licenses and assign them to others before buying more as well as improve forecasting and purchasing decisions.

Key Inventory Management features include:

  • Discover and manage software and devices
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the purchase of unnecessary software and harvesting unused licenses
  • Ensure software compliance and prepare for audits
  • Manage inventory and plan for future needs
  • Maximize the value of your IT assets