An effective patch management strategy is critical for distributing software updates and, more importantly, for detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities. Many successful attacks are perpetrated against previously known vulnerabilities in which a patch or secure configuration standard was already available from the software vendor. Patches are only effective if they have been deployed.

Symantec Client Management Suite centralizes and simplifies patch management. With this solution you can detect and repair security vulnerabilities for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as Microsoft and over 50 non-Microsoft applications. Patch automation can further streamline the process to ensure patches are applied as quickly as possible. Real-time compliance and detailed reports help ensure smart, fast decisions can be made to keep endpoints protected and maximize productivity.

In addition, the Cloud-enabled management functionality in Client Management Suite ensures secure management of Windows and Mac users even when they are disconnected from the corporate network to ensure inventory, patches, software (including Symantec Endpoint Protection), and updates stay current on these machines. Cloud-enabled management utilizes an Internet gateway in the DMZ to provide certificate-based trusted communication over the Internet between remote clients distributed outside the firewall and the Symantec management server inside the corporate firewall. As a result, Client Management Suite is able to ensure that management is “always on” even when remote users are not connected through VPN.

Key Patch Management features include:

  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
  • Support for 50+ non-Microsoft applications
  • Support for remote and disconnected users
  • Patch automation
  • Complete audit trail and reporting