Software Management

  • What is installed and where?
  • Is it being used?
  • Who is using it and how often?
  • How many licenses were purchased?
  • What are the costs?
  • What is the entitlement–  Number of authorized installs, users, sites..
  • Latest patches and updates?


Software Management Solution provides a single interface to manage all clients, whether they are well-connected (on the LAN or WAN). This allows the IT Admin to manage all their clients from one place, requiring less tools to be purchased, requiring less training to use, and minimizing support costs.

Software Management Solution is also particularly strong in its bandwidth sensitive software delivery capabilities, which allow customers to deliver software during business hours without unduly stressing the network.

Its ability to work with and repair MSI packages makes it easier for customers to distribute packages in their native format, eliminating the time and effort required by most competitors to repackage the applications. Customers have the benefit of having their software applications “self-heal,” which can significantly reduce support costs.

Key Software Management features include:

  • Superior support for delivering software to remote and mobile workers, with support for bandwidth throttling, checkpoint recovery, delta file distribution and updating, network block out times, and so on.
  • Built-in flexibility for determining how, when, and where packages are delivered.
  • Supports delivery of packages (such as virus update files) that MUST BE installed, as well as packages (such as Adobe Acrobat) that an end user can choose to install, if needed.
  • Clients request software over a period of time, making the delivery process less bandwidth and server-intensive.
  • Client auto-detection capability ensures that remote clients get the packages from the most bandwidth-effective location.
  • Ensures that required software is correctly installed and remains installed. This provides early detection of problems to help reduce help desk support calls and costs.