Asset Management

Are you paying for unused software licenses? Are you prepared for your next vendor software audit? Take control with Symantec™ Asset Management Suite In combination with Symantec™ Client Management Suite, you’ll get an accurate picture of your organization’s assets, ensure compliance during software audits, avoid vendor penalties and fines and uncover savings by eliminating the purchase of unnecessary licenses.

Take Control of Your Organization’s Assets

Without an in-depth understanding of your organization’s software licenses, vendor contracts, and assets, it’s difficult to make smart business decisions. Asset Management Suite helps you take control with a complete and accurate picture of the relationships between all of them.

Asset Management Suite discovers, inventories, and tracks all the hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure through a CMDB. The CMDB manages assets’ hierarchical relationships to other configuration items, users, locations, departments, cost centers, and associated contracts. This information gives you credible information on the location and license status of every important OS, virtualization platform, or application instance. With this detailed, up-to-date information, your team can quickly identify problems, apply solutions, and document compliance.

The time savings and productivity gains of using Asset Management Suite can be stunning. At Lone Star University, for instance, time-consuming manual inventories of systems used to take the IT team 1,728 hours annually to complete. That entire process has been replaced by one report from Asset Management Suite which takes one person 15 minutes to run

Ensure Compliance and Avoid Vendor Penalties and Fines

Avoid a time-consuming IT fire drill during software audits. Asset Management Suite has all the tools necessary to quickly prepare for an audit, optimize license purchases, and harvest licenses. A comprehensive inventory of your applications and their licenses is stored in the CMDB and compared to license agreements, financial records, and vendor sales records. This information is included in pre-defined reports, with drill-down detail, that validate your organization’s compliance status based on licenses owned and deployed.

“We need to be able to track servers through their lifecycle and understand how many and what type of software licenses we own. Before, we used a manual number based system, but sometimes servers get repurposed for other uses, and we had no way of tracking the hardware when that happened. That kind of attention to detail would not have been possible before. Now our asset group and our security group work together to do an audit every three months, based on the weekly reports that we provide. With Asset Management Suite, we’re saving a significant amount of IT staff time on audit preparation.”

Cyrus Yang, IT engineer, Amway, (China) Co. Ltd

“The Altiris system gives us that single pane of glass where we’re able to manage and view every single system that we have within the company from one location. One CMDB. One database. One panel to perform all the actions we need to do. Instead of having to hunt and peck and look for all these different systems, Altiris brings it all together in one place and makes our jobs and our management a heck of a lot easier.”

Rob Moore, Sr. Manager, Travelport

Uncover Savings

There’s enormous potential for cost savings when you have an accurate picture of your organization’s assets. It’s common, and costly, for organizations to over-license software, because they don’t know exactly how many licenses are truly being used.

Asset Management Suite 8.1 builds upon its already robust software license management capabilities by adding support for per user, per CPU, and per processor licensing models as well as expanded support for device based licensing to include site and enterprise definitions. In addition, a new view has been added that provides a comprehensive look at everything going on from a license compliance standpoint. This view shows license gaps, underutilization, and unauthorized use and the data presented is actionable right there on the screen providing a very quick way to uncover savings opportunities, reclaim unused software licenses, and ensure compliance

Minimize the administrative burden of managing vendors’ contracts, such as hardware, maintenance, warranties, support contracts, and leases. Asset Management Suite’s integrated management of contracts and financial costs lets you more effectively forecast future hardware and software needs and avoid penalties and late fees. Asset Management Suite also ensures end-of-life assets are properly retired by tracking terminated leases.

Automating common, repetitive tasks is another method for uncovering savings. Asset Management Suite’s process automation efficiently collects information from the requestor, processes all required approvals, and provides follow-up notifications when tasks aren’t completed within a certain timeframe. Custom built workflows and pre-defined workflow templates let you automate and streamline IT and business procedures across multiple solutions.

Asset Management Suite Capabilities

Asset management Accountability and cost control.
 Understand relationships of assets to other configuration items, users, and locations.
 Increase speed and accuracy of data collection, manage inventory and plan for future needs.
Software license management Accurately track which software applications are being used and by whom.
 Reduce costs by eliminating purchase of unnecessary software.
 Ensure software compliance.
 Easily prepare for software audits or true-ups.
Contract management Avoid penalties and late fees.
 Maximize the value of your assets.
 Accurately forecast future hardware and software needs.
Reporting and analytics Easy-to-create and analyze reports. No advanced knowledge of databases or third- party reporting tools is required.
 Powerful on-the-fly ad-hoc reporting and charts.
 Out-of-the box visually informative KPI scorecards, dashboards, and reports.