Monitor Solution

Monitor Solution lets you monitor various aspects of computer operating systems, applications, and device, such as events, processes, and performance. It helps you ensure that your servers and your devices function properly, and reduces the costs of server and network monitoring.

Monitor Solution continuously collects and analyzes data that is captured from computers and other devices on your network. When data is captured that meets the specified criteria, alerts can be raised to notify you and actions can be taken.

Monitor Solution lets you do the following :

  • Collect detailed data from servers, applications, and network devices to diagnose the health of your environment.
  • Collect comprehensive real-time and historical performance data to analyze trends and

isolate recurring issues.

  • Pinpoint problems, define their cause, and take automated actions to resolve them.

Monitor Solution supports both agent-based and agentless monitoring methods. It runs on the

Symantec Management Platform and is a key component of Server Management Suite.