Virtual Machine Management

Virtual Machine Management is a component of the Server Management Suite, which is built on the Symantec Management Platform (SMP). It helps you to view virtual resource information in your network and perform management tasks on those virtual resources. Virtualization is a technology that lets you make optimum use of the hardware resources of your organization.

You can create various virtual machine environments on a single physical server. Each virtual environment is isolated and functions independently from the physical server and from the other virtual environments.

Nowadays several virtualization solutions are available in the market to manage a virtual infrastructure. An enterprise can use multiple virtualization solutions provided by different vendors depending on their cost, architecture, features, etc. In this situation, you will require a solution through which you can manage entire virtual infrastructure without switching between different virtualization solutions.

Virtual Machine Management lets you gain better support and performance by managing virtual environment built on VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisors. Virtual Machine Management lets you control ESX and Hyper-V Hypervisor environments from one common console. It helps you to easily understand the entire virtual environment and reduce administration costs. You can perform common set of host and guest level tasks on multiple Hypervisor environment and ensure consistency while executing different tasks.

All the virtual machine data is stored in CMDB through which you can generate various report. These reports help you plan performance enhancements and understand changes to the virtual environment.

Virtualization enhances the efficiency and productivity of the hardware resources and helps to reduce administrative costs.The features of the Virtual Machine Management component let you create following virtual resources:

  • Virtual machines
  • Virtual disks
  • Virtual networks