Virtual Machine Management

Virtual Machine Management is a component of the Server Management Suite, which is built on the Symantec Management Platform (SMP). It helps you to view virtual resource information in your network and perform management tasks on those virtual resources. Virtualization is a technology that lets you make optimum use of the hardware

Monitor Solution

Monitor Solution lets you monitor various aspects of computer operating systems, applications, and device, such as events, processes, and performance. It helps you ensure that your servers and your devices function properly, and reduces the costs of server and network monitoring. Monitor Solution continuously collects and analyzes data that is captured from

CMDB Solution

CMDB (Configuration Management Database) Solution is a component of Asset Management Suite. This solution lets you model configuration items for any component in your environment and the relationships between them in a centralized database. CMDB Solution lets you identify all components and relationships and to instigate any required changes. The solution actively

Asset Management

Are you paying for unused software licenses? Are you prepared for your next vendor software audit? Take control with Symantec™ Asset Management Suite In combination with Symantec™ Client Management Suite, you’ll get an accurate picture of your organization’s assets, ensure compliance during software audits, avoid vendor penalties and fines and uncover savings

Software Management

What is installed and where? Is it being used? Who is using it and how often? How many licenses were purchased? What are the costs? What is the entitlement? -  Number of authorized installs, users, sites.. Latest patches and updates?   Software Management Solution provides a single interface to manage all clients, whether

An effective patch management strategy is critical for distributing software updates and, more importantly, for detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities. Many successful attacks are perpetrated against previously known vulnerabilities in which a patch or secure configuration standard was already available from the software vendor. Patches are only effective if they have been

Inventory Management

Before you can effectively manage and protect endpoints, you first need an accurate picture of the environment. What software and devices are being used, who is using them, how much do they cost, and do they have the latest patches and updates? Symantec Client Management Suite discovers, inventories, and tracks all the

OS Deployment

Symantec Client Management Suite helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing desktops and laptops from a centralized location in your environment. The solution offers OS deployment, configuration, PC “personality” migration, and software deployment across hardware platforms and OS types to reduce end-user downtime and increase IT efficiency through automated, repeatable deployment

IT Analytics

IT Analytics complements and expands upon the reporting and analytics that is offered by Client Server Management. The capabilities that are provided within the IT Analytics Client and Server Management Content Pack allow customers to extract maximum value from the data that is contained within their Symantec CMDB database(s). By implementing the