KACE System Deployment Appliance (SDA)

Fast and automated OS provisioning


Quickly and easily perform initial provisioning and ongoing administration of system images and driver updates across diverse hardware platforms — reducing operational costs and ensuring end user productivity. The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance automates large-scale system deployment and simplifies migrations of multiple operating systems, freeing your time to focus on other high priority projects. With the KACE SDA , you can:

  • Save time with automated gold master imaging and deployment
  • Quickly perform mass systems deployments to remote sites from any location

And, to add more value to your endpoint systems management solution, explore KACE Essential Services.

Key Features


> System Imaging and Deployments               > Remote Site Management         

> Multicasting                                               > Automated Deployments



System Imaging and Deployments


Simplify Windows® and Mac® system imaging and software deployment. Eliminate manual processes for building and maintaining gold master images for multi-platform OS imaging and deployments, saving you time for more strategic IT projects.

Make automated deployment, image storage and management easier with access to a centralized deployment library — the repository of all system and software deployment assets, such as images, scripted installations, drivers, applications and scripts. Enhance provisioning consistency and reliability by ensuring the correct image or setup is always deployed to the appropriate system. All images are captured and stored to give you an accurate, comprehensive view. 



Streamline your large-scale systems imaging projects with the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance’s powerful multicasting capabilities. You’ll save time, improve speed and reliability, and lighten the load on network resources and bandwidth.

Remote Site Management


Extend the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance to reduce the time it takes to manage systems at multiple off-site locations with the remote administration and management capabilities of the virtual KACE SDA Remote Site Appliance (KACE SDA RSA). The KACE SDA RSA provides the ability to network boot devices for local deployment at the remote site, instead of across your WAN, saving network bandwidth, time and speed, eliminating costly travel and shipping of media and systems.

Automated Deployments


Get true lights-off automated deployment with the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance’s powerful automated deployment tools. Unlike traditional image deployment tools, the KACE SDA enables you to easily control the order of your deployment tasks so you can ensure that your deployments go smoothly and reboots are graceful. You stay in control because the KACE SDA server is updated in real time with the status of the target devices. For example, you can schedule an entire computer lab to be reimaged at 2 a.m., return the next morning, and determine at a glance which deployments were successful, which failed and why.