KACE System Management Appliance (SMA)


Manage, secure, and service all of your network-connected devices with the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA). Inventory all hardware and software, painlessly patch mission-critical applications and operating systems, and assure software license compliance.


Key Features


> Inventory & IT asset management                      > Software license management               

> Patch management & security                            > Service desk


Inventory and IT asset management


From computers and servers to mobile devices, routers, printers and more, the KACE Systems Management Appliance keeps you on top of all the hardware and software installed across your network. As the Internet of Things (IoT) — with an ever growing and diverse array of connected devices — expands to the enterprise, visibility over your entire connected environment is becoming increasingly more critical. The KACE SMA discovers all hardware and software on your network, and provides you with ongoing IT inventory management, IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM), with robust reporting and alerting for most platforms. Whether you’re running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Chrome, iOS or Android, the KACE SMA provides you with detailed oversight of your entire environment from a single pane.


Patch management & Security


Experience robust security with the KACE Systems Management Appliance Automate patch management and deploy patches from one of the largest patch libraries in the industry – including patches for Windows and Mac operating systems and leading third-party vendors, such as Adobe, Oracle, Mozilla and Symantec. Conduct IT security audits and identify vulnerabilities with OVAL and SCAP scanning. Remedy vulnerabilities and enforce security policies with KACE SMA’s comprehensive system configuration management capabilities. Benefit from in-depth, easy-to-use security capabilities using an intuitive interface, plus powerful scripting, customizable reporting and routine task automation.

Software license management


Make software license optimization and compliance an easy-to-obtain reality with the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA). A comprehensive software licensing management solution, the KACE SMA provides inventory, asset management and reporting capabilities that can save your organization money through pragmatic software asset management (SAM) with optimal utilization of purchased licenses and license harvesting. Comprehensive reporting also helps you prove your compliance and allows the assignment and reconciliation of software licenses against auto-discovered software to ensure your organization stays within license agreement terms.

Service desk


The KACE Systems Management Appliance can help you provide your end users with a high quality help desk that’s tightly integrated with the KACE SMA’s IT asset management (ITAM), configuration management, reporting, and alert capabilities. The KACE SMA’s service desk capabilities provide advanced functionality to automate repetitive tasks, along with robust incident management (e.g. ticketing) capabilities. The integration of the service desk with other KACE SMA processes enables you to deploy a single solution for IT asset management, endpoint security and end user support, reducing both the human and financial resources required for complete lifecycle management of your connected systems and devices.