SimpleHelp Remote Control



Whether its your helpdesk team resolving internal issues, your product support team handling external calls, or your technicians and administrators managing company computers and users, SimpleHelp can smooth and improve critical aspects of your company.


     • Maximize up time for employees and management

     • Minimize downtime of critical systems

     • Reduce time to resolve issues

     • Streamline IT support departments

     • Offer secure, internally managed remote access and other services to company users or external contractors



Computer infrastructure is the backbone of every business today.   Effective management means Technicians and Administrators with the tools to anticipate and manage issues at all stages.

  • Users can easily request help to receive Remote Support.
  • Technicians can concurrently manage remote systems using Remote Access
  • Remote Management tools handle mass monitoring and maintenance




• Users can easily request help

• Technicians are noti?ed, can prioritise virtual queues of users

• Pertinent information is automatically gathered

• Technicians can take control of the computer, chat with the user

• Fewer physical visits, faster resolutions







• Can be installed from within support sessions or en-masse

• Technicians can access machines unattended to apply ?xes, maintenance

• Live monitoring allows Technicians to diagnose problems at a glance

• Users, contractors can be given secure, simpli?ed remote access




• Alerts provide constant, frequent checks over critical systems, frequent user issues

• Flexible action system can notify technician, take remedial action

• Issues are anticipated, resolved before they become a problem

• Mass tools allow Technicians to perform maintenance, ?xes across large groups of machines